Canada's Rubber duck
Mark Sproul While one might have thought more appropriate symbols to display for Canada's 150th might be a giant Loon, a Canada Goose, or a giant Beaver, that duck, inappropriate as it was, did bring people to see it. And subsequently they injected a lot of money into Harbourfront's coffers - as well as to merchants all over downtown Toronto. Your view seems wider, more objective. For those of us who attended some specific 150th celebrations, in our venues the spirit of nationhood and celebration seemed just a notch above the millennial celebrations.
Kreativität im Englischunterricht - THE ENGLISH ACADEMY […] Was steckt hinter dem Phänomen „Kreativität“? Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kurtz erklärt im Interview verschiedene Ausprägungen von Kreativität, rät zu mehr Fehlertoleranz von Lehrkräften und erläutert, wie aus kreativen Fehler neue Kompetenzen entstehen. Das Interview […]